100mm Centrifugal Fan (Bathroom & Toilet)

The Curzon centrifugal fan has been designed to provide effective levels of ventilation and discreet installation within a bathroom or toilet.

Key Features:

  • Provides effective ventilation
  • Discreet integration within the bathroom or toilet
  • Extract rates to meet 2010 Building Regulation requirements

Replacements available from £127.06 inc.VAT

Model Pull Cord Timer Humidistat PIR Low Voltage (SELV) Certification Replacement Spares/Accessories
CUR7001B Product Fiche £127.06
CUR7002B X Product Fiche £136.78
CUR7003B X Product Fiche £168.12
CUR7004B X X X Product Fiche £234.13
CUR7005B X X Product Fiche £220.70
CUR9003LV X X Product Fiche £287.30
CUR9004LV X X X Product Fiche £366.60
Description 230V SELV (230/12V)
Specific Fan Power  (W/(l/s) 1 0.29
Max Extract Volume (m3/h) 67 75
Max Extract Volume (l/s) 19 21.0
Max Pressure (Pa) 117 53
Supply Frequency (Hz) 50 50
Max Power (W) 25.0 6.0
Max Sound Level dB(A) @ 3m 31 x
Weight (kg) 1.1 2 inc transformer
IP Rating X4 X4
Max Temp (°C) 40 40
Warranty 2 yrs 2 yrs

Documents can be downloaded from the Domus Ventilation Technical Search

Fan Motor - SPR105

Fan Motor, Low Voltage (SELV) for Curzon 100mm, SDF150 & SVC150 150mm Fans

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£49.28 inc.VAT

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