Sapphire GTF150
150mm Sapphire Energy Efficient Axial Fan (Kitchen & Bathroom)

Stylishly designed to discreetly complement modern interior design schemes, Sapphire fan offer exceptionally high levels of energy efficient performance and operate very quietly.

Key Features:

  • Stylish modern design to suit internal décor
  • Very quiet performance down to 0.48 dB(A)
  • Highly efficient operation - comply with Building Regulations
  • Ability to interchange or mix and match fascia options
  • Reduces carbon emissions

Replacements available from £82.86 inc.VAT

Model Pull Cord Timer Humidistat Certification Replacement Spares/Accessories
GTF150-S Product Fiche £82.86
GTF150-H X X Product Fiche £130.86
GTF150-PC X Product Fiche £99.48
GTF150-T X Product Fiche £89.87
Description 230V
Max Extract Volume (m3/h) 205
Max Extract Volume (l/s) 57
Max Pressure (Pa) 26
Supply Frequency (Hz) 50
Specific Fan Power W/(l/s) 0.50
Max Power (W) 29
Max Sound Level dB(A) @3m 42
Weight (kg) 0.8
IP Rating X4
Max Temp (°C) 160


Documents can be downloaded from the Domus Ventilation Technical Search