Vitalis 100
100mm In-Line Mixed Flow Fan (Bathroom, Toilet & Utility Room)

The Vitalis 100 offers very high air flow performance and can be easily concealed for discreet operation.

The Vitalis 100 is ideal for longer duct runs and is available as a full kit or fan only.

Key Features:

  • Very high air flow performance
  • Concealed fan for discreet operation
  • Ideal for longer duct runs
  • Available as a full kit or fan only

Replacements available from £129.43 inc.VAT

Model Timer Duct Kit Replacement
VIT100B £129.43
VIT100TB X £141.74
DVF831ET X £149.42
DVF832ET X X £161.74
Description 230V
Max Extract Volume (m3/h) High 160/ Low 142
Max Extract Volume (l/s) High 44.4/39/5
Max Pressure (Pa) 116
Supply Frequency (Hz) 50
Max Power (W) High 35.3/25.6
Max Sound Level dB(A) @ 3m x
Weight (kg) (Fan only) 1.4
IP Rating X4
Max Temp (°C) 40
Warranty 2 yrs

Documents can be downloaded from the Domus Ventilation Technical Search