Architectural Grilles
Stylish Architectural Grilles

Designed specifically to be fitted with the next generation Domus Radial flow control plenum.

  • Enables aesthetic integration within the home
  • Takes away the requirement to fit an air valve
  • Stylish design to suit a home's decor
  • Mix and match versions to suit a property and personal taste
  • Tile style design variants
  • White, silver and brushed effect options

Replacements available from £16.80 inc.VAT

Model Replacement
ART125-CF1W £25.30
ART125-CF1S £36.30
ART125-CF1BM £36.30
ART125-DT1W £25.30
5907W £16.80
ART125-CD1W £25.30
ART125-SD1W £25.30
ART125-SD2W £25.30